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Introducing DeskConnect

Posted by Ben Feldman, Co-Founder August 29th, 2013

After several months of development and testing, we are elated to announce that DeskConnect has launched. It is available worldwide for Mac on the Mac App Store and for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store.

So what is DeskConnect?

DeskConnect is the missing link between your devices. We dissolve barriers by enabling you to instantly transfer text, images, audio, video, web pages, documents, driving directions and more between your devices. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with DeskConnect:

And that's only the beginning. The more you use DeskConnect, the more uses you'll find to it. DeskConnect for Mac works with many of your favorite apps right out of the box, and we'll be adding support for more Mac apps all the time. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, DeskConnect integrates into the system-wide "Open In..." menu, and like on the Mac, already works with many of your favorite apps.

The best part? No battery-draining Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections to worry about, no proximity limits, and best of all, no cost.

We're eager for you to start using DeskConnect, and are even more eager to hear back from you. Let us know what you think (good, bad or indifferent) and what you want to see from DeskConnect in the future at support@deskconnect.com. We're all ears!

Until then,

Ari and Ben