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Receiving Items

DeskConnect for iOS can receive content from other DeskConnect devices, and will immediately notify you when it receives something new, even if you don’t have the app open.

When your iOS device receives a file or website sent to it by another DeskConnect device, you will receive a notification and hear a brief jingle. You can open the item by selecting the notification or opening the DeskConnect application to view the received item tray. DeskConnect for iOS supports all file formats supported by iOS, including audio and video formats.

Receiving an item

If you have received a document and wish to transfer it to another app (for example, Pages), tap the share icon (Share icon) in the top-right, and choose the app to which the file should be transferred.

The DeskConnect received item tray contains everything that your iOS device has received over the past 30 days. To open any of these items, tap its icon. Items will be automatically removed 30 days after they are received. You can delete an item manually at any time by tapping and holding its icon and choosing “Delete” when prompted.

Received item tray

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