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Sending Items

DeskConnect for iOS is designed to be your mobile sharing assistant, as integrated into iOS as possible. From within the DeskConnect app, you can send photos and videos as well as your clipboard. DeskConnect can also help you send websites from Safari, plus documents and files from other apps.

Sending Photos

Send photo

To send a photo or video from your Camera Roll, tap the “Send Photo” button in DeskConnect. Tap on the photo or video you wish to send, and choose a destination device.

Sending the Clipboard

Sending clipboard screenshot

To send your iOS device’s clipboard – a photo or text selection, for example – simply tap the “Send Clipboard” button on the home screen of the DeskConnect app. The contents of your clipboard will be sent to your other DeskConnect devices.

Sending Documents

Sending documents using the Open In... menu

DeskConnect can send documents from iCloud Drive and other document apps. Tap the "Send Document" button to choose a document to send.

Sending from Other Apps

Safari bookmarklet

You can send websites and documents from other apps on your iPhone via DeskConnect using the share sheet.

bullet Sending from Other Apps

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